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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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Our Staff

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table. In addition to our core team, we work closely with talented film crews across the country and around the globe.

Paula Azuaje

Associate Producer

Paula’s hypnotic smile made her the youngest and most prolific snake charmer in her native country of Venezuela. She eventually left the Andes of South America and settled in the piedmont of South Charlotte, earning a degree in multimedia storytelling from Queens University. With her many creative talents, Paula continues to charm everyone she encounters at Susie Films.

Eric Davis

Executive Producer

Eric’s first job was Fire Chief of Hancock Street. That experience prepared him to fight production fires as a photographer, sportscaster, sales manager, writer producer and eventually VP of Broadcasting & Content for a PBS station. Eric is a proud Florida Gator grad and also holds an MBA from UNC Charlotte. He lives by the creed, “If you can’t fix it, feature it!” and has strong opinions about the band Rush, Dan Marino and pickle spears.

Scott Galloway


Scott and his kid sister inspired Norman Lear to create Archie and Edith Bunker. Scott has produced hundreds of award-winning television shows and theatrically released documentary films. His career began as a writer and it is the crafting of story and putting just the right picture to word that he most enjoys. He’s also fond of red wine, Indian food, the Tennessee Volunteers, direct flights, the Pittsburgh Steelers and a job that allows him to tell stories about people who are much more fascinating than he is.

Sheri Hirshman

Executive Producer

After her last failed toe touch, Sheri Hirshman ran as fast as her red saddle shoes would carry her from her Americana surroundings. She stopped long enough to get a TV degree from Ithaca College before disappointing her parents by heading to Los Angeles. There, she served 20 years as a human pencil for award shows and political events. She brought her love of story-telling, scheduling and bossing people around to Susie Films, where she is organizing everything that isn’t nailed down.

Kate Johnston


Kate was born and raised in lovely California. As a result, she is often perplexed by rain and other kinds of strange weather but manages to keep her sunny disposition all the same.Starting in non-profit humanitarian work, she inadvertently took a round-about exit into the glamorous World of Live Television and other award shows in Los Angeles…this would not be the last time a round-about confused her.Today, you can usually find her twirling her parasol around the US helping Susie Films tell beautiful stories.

April Montgomery

Production Assistant

April Montgomery graduated from UNC Charlotte with a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, a Minor in Film Studies, and a Video Production Certificate. April’s eccentric mindset has led to her affinity for moving pictures, while also expressing her creativity through her whimsical photography. Whether assisting on film shoots, diving deep into production research, or managing social media, April is always first to raise her hand, with her lens hyper focused on tackling any Susie Films task.

Jordan Snyder


Growing up in Efland, NC Jordan was ranked in under-18 amateur billiards circuits. A prodigy with the cue, he wrote the book on two-handed pocket pool. Jordan thankfully got his priorities straight and swapped shooting pool for shooting short films. A graduate from UNC Charlotte with a degree in Communication Studies, Jordan brings his creative edge and razor-sharp wit to both the production office and the film set. From research to wrap, he is instrumental in managing countless moving parts, all while totally rocking it in a cardigan sweater.

Bill Ward


Born in the Kansas Territories circa 1840, Cinematographer Bill galloped west before turning around and riding all the way to Charlotte. His extensive career includes camera work with virtually every network you could ever imagine. Bill captures incredible images and periodically boasts about his focal length.

John Woodall

Executive in Charge of Production

John always knew that he and his perfect-hair-helmet were destined for the glamorous world of corporate finance. Then he traded ties for tattoos, brought a Harley and discovered Susie Films. A graduate of Davidson College with a master’s degree from UNC Chapel Hill’s Keenan-Flagler Business School, John has spent his career partnering with entrepreneurial individuals to manage and grow their companies. Being surrounded by creative and talented professionals inspires John to produce award-winning spreadsheets.

G. G. (Greg Grzeszczak)


GG experienced life differently growing up in communist Poland, but with dogged resolve, he eventually found his way home to Susie Films. He really is from a small town in Poland where he was an excellent skier. GG learned to edit working on projects for Oprah! Since then he’s edited hundreds of award-winning documentary films and television shows. He is especially proud of his work on the Emmy nominated Our Vanishing Americana and 5 seasons of ABC’s CMA Music Festival. GG ends every text message with “HAHA, LOL”, which is one reason everyone enjoys GG!